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Sponsor Me To Beat The Beast With A Standing Order.

I am inviting you to join me on my personal challenge to Beat the Beast through sponsorship. In order to keep my relationship live with you and to enable you to check up on my progress I will deliver a daily update through social media Monday – Friday.

If you would like to send me a message of support please do so. Unfortunately I may not have time to reply to them all but take great comfort and encouragement from such messages of support.

If you have an event you would like me to attend do please send me an invitation. I will do everything I can to reply to such invitations.

If you see me out and about say hello or give me a toot and a wave on passing in the car. It all helps encourage me to keep going.

Who knows I might even be able to invite you to join me on one of my activities one day!


All funds raised will be deposited in and held by The Kingdom Bank.

A monthly update of monies raised to date will be published on the challenge website. Distribution to the charities will be made quarterly by Webb and Wallace Accountants and the details published on the challenge website.

All financial reporting will also be managed by Webb and Wallace Accountants and published annually on the challenge website.

Above all I promise that every penny you donate goes to the five charities. I do not take even a penny.

Data Protection

As all standing orders are processed through your own bank we do not have any knowledge of or therefore record of your personal details. I can therefore promise you that your details will not be passed on to a third party or used for cold calling follow up calls in any way.


What was most unexpected was the realisation that has led to the development of this challenge. On diagnosis I had no hesitation in telling my family, friends and the people that I worked with as I felt they had a right to know. I decided to approach the news in a positive way. After all there is always somebody far worse off than I. As a result I have found the strength and depth of support from my friends and family and the community of Doune incredible but have also found the world smiling with me. As I walk down the street I often like to throw a massive smile at those that I pass and almost without fail as big a smile is returned with a cheery greeting. Smile and the world smiles back. Such warmth is felt at such times. Therefore I am going to get out and feel the sun on the face, the wind in my hair, the warmth of good company and marvel at the glory of God’s creation, the wonder of people and man’s incredible aptitude for innovation and creation. This is a glorious world and I intend to rejoice in it and try to do all the Good I can by all the Means I can, in all the Places I can, at all the times I can, to all the people I can for as long as ever I can. Please join me on my journey and sponsor me to provide me encouragement to try and Beat the Beast while helping to improve the lives and life chances of so many more people.

Sponsor Me To Beat The Beast With A Standing Order.

Thank you.

Yours aye