Day 1 for the challenge full of excitement about the future after so many wonderful messages of support for which I thank you all. But it has also been a day of contrasts. Despite the odd mistake caused by a fuzzy brain after such a long period of treatment I found a way to get through the fuzzy bits and succeeded in being able to navigate around and complete two walks around Bannockburn. I forgot my walking boots. Despite having prepared them this morning I somehow forgot to pack them in the car. I did remember my dog Georgie, 13 years old and still going. Luckily I wasn’t in my slippers but instead some old brogues so set off anyway. It should have been 6.5 miles total for my first day but after becoming navigationally embarrassed I added another ½ a mile to make it a total of 7. In fact, if it wasn’t for the delightful Jane who came and saved the day by re-orientating me to my map and the ground I might well still be out there! Thank you very much Jane for your kindness and patience as I tried to understand which way I had folded my map earlier. I must have looked quite comical!!! This was a classic example of what I am trying to do. By persevering when the brain was struggling so, with Jane’s help, I got the brain back on track, I could understand the map folds and all became clear again. I beat the beast this morning and made it home!!

After a great supper of Pasta Marinara from the Raw and Simple Cookbook by Judita Wignall (children loved it!!) it is time to start to review the first day of the challenge in numbers:

Days completed: 1
Miles Walked: 7
People Met and Hands Shaken: 2

Not a very long or impressive list but at least it’s a start!!

I started today because I am in hospital all day on Monday for tests in preparation for Cycle 11 of Chemotherapy and wanted to make sure I completed today as the 5th day of activity for next week. I will let you know how I got on with my tests on Monday evening. Until then, have a wonderful weekend.

Yours aye