Day 2 of the challenge headlined by humour, reflection and generosity not to mention popping a few pills!!

First day of chemotherapy today after a day of testing yesterday. It takes some discipline: anti-seizure pills then wait 30 mins, anti-sickness pills then wait 30 mins, chemotherapy pills then wait 60 mins then breakfast but I am extremely lucky that I can self administer chemotherapy by pill from home and that with the exception of feeling a little tired/fuzzy once I get going I can feel good and compete a day’s worthwhile activity. For example the Rhododendrons up at Jubilee Wood, Lerrocks Farm, have developed a pathogen which is slowly but surely killing the old Beach and Oak trees in the wood. While looking for a discreet project that I could use to build up my strength during treatment the ranger, Mike, at the Argaty Red Kites project on Lerrocks farm came up with the idea of me thinning back the rhododendrons at Jubilee wood to save the old trees. Brilliant and a perfect project for me. Mike has been hugely supportive and the owners, the Bowsers, have been equally supportive so a huge thank you to them for giving me this brilliant opportunity. It is perfect for me in that it is physically hard work but also in that old grown rhododendrons grow into such tight and complex structures that it turns into a wicked 3D puzzle to get one’s head around in order to tackle the plants safely.

The cycle up to Jubilee wood today was delightful in the glorious sunshine this morning but also in the unexpected but highly amusing manoeuvre from a more elderly lady than myself. I hope the moment comes across in the video.

My second thank you, and an enormous one, goes to Sue Harvey of Harvey’s Maps in Doune who when approached for a contact for a publisher who might be interested in printing off some flyers for me called me back to collect some flyers she had printed off. Not some. Loads of Flyers – in fact so many I have lost count. Gosh Sue – that was hugely generous. Thank you very much. I now have something I can give to people to initiate sponsorship after I have been trying to sell the idea of the challenge. Fantastic and thank you.

Finally I am very lucky that the vestry of St Modocs in Doune has given me a set of keys in order that I may let myself in to the church for quiet reflection and prayer as well as to learn to play the pipe organ as one of left side of brain cognitive and motor building challenge activities. It is a peaceful space, beautiful in it’s simplicity, that somehow gives me so much strength when I visit. so I thank and am hugely grateful to the vestry and offer you a video of my first ever performance of a piece of organ music as a thank you.

Day 2 of the challenge in numbers:
Days completed: 2
Miles Cycled: 3
Miles Walked: 7
Total Miles covered under own steam: 10
Days of Conservation Activity: 1/4
People Met and Hands Shaken: 3

Not a very long or impressive list but numbers are growing slowly!!

Yours aye