Well I’ve made it. Week 1 complete. 5 days of activity designed to get me fitter and stronger or to build my backup generator in the left side of the brain. 5 great miles walking Doon Hill and Fairy Knowe just outside Aberfoyle followed by a further 3 miles walking the Brig O’ Turk loop then on up to the Glen Finglas reservoir walking in the footsteps of poet, author, social thinker and environmentalist John Ruskin. Fascinating that I think he first coined the idea of the Ecosystem and how all elements of such were linked. He didn’t call it an ecosystem but he was certainly well ahead of his time. 8 miles walked. Still functioning and only one more day of chemo to go before my last month of chemo starting late September!!

It has been a great week buoyed by all of your amazing support through your great comments and your sponsorship which is now starting to come in so a huge thank you to you all. Have a great weekend.

The challenge in numbers total since the start:
Days completed: 5
Total Miles Cycled: 6
Total Miles Walked: 23
Total Miles covered under own steam: 29
Total Height Gained under own steam: 1,761 feet
Days of Conservation Activity: 1/2
Organ tunes learnt and performed: 2
People Met and Hands Shaken: 12
Pills popped: 46!!

Numbers continue to grow slowly!!

Yours aye