By jingle; today has been a tough one but bizarrely only in the last few hours. Today was all about the MRI. Bus train bus to the Western General in Edinburgh for two MRI scans. One with and one without the dye used to highlight the tumour. I was looked after beautifully by the MRI team and it was lovely to bump in to Gill, one of my oncology nurses, and seize the opportunity to hand a flier to her friend in the corridor!! On the way home I met a delightful couple William and Gemma who loved the story, took a flyer and are already doing what they can to raise the profile. Brilliant guys and thank you for joining me on the journey.

Sadly however, since returning home I have felt rather off colour and a little adrift in the tides. To make the situation worse I have had three partial seizures. Freak waves in an other wise calm sea each one drowned me in the choking metallic smells and tastes followed by buzzing and tingling sensations around the skull and the body working from top to toe like being assimilated by the borg in a star trek movie. One could almost hear and certainly feel the weight of the metal as it clanked it’s armour plating around the torso. However as quickly as the water from a freak wave runs off of the back the seizures pass and steadily the strength to carry on, allbeit a little wobbly, returns. I have had plenty of MRIs with dye before and no seizures so cannot blame them on the MRI. I have though had a trip to London, a wonderful christening and some delightful time with friends and family but no hills climbed. I think I need to get the blood pumping. I feel a hill climb coming on. I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow.

Yours aye