Day 49 was wet again but finished in a blaze of sunshine with no seizures again!!

The Wallace Monument Tower
The Wallace Monument Tower

A quick report for there was little incident today in the short 5 miles walked and 364 feet climbed. I was looked after beautifully by the driver of the First Busses No 62 bus from Stirling that took me to the foot of the Wallace Monument. He warned me as we approached the drop off point, waited while I stripped off (my waterproofs!) as it had stopped raining, then gave me directions to the car park I was using for the start of the walk. What a guy so a huge thank you to him.

Of course, as soon as I got off it started raining again so put my waterproofs back on and started up the Abbey Craig, as the hill on which the Wallace Monument sits is called. As I neared the top I bumped into Julie and Mark McLay with their sons Hamish (8) and Dougal (6). Hamish was very in to Georgie, who had joined me for the trip, so while he said hello I took the opportunity to introduce the challenge to Mark and Julie and in so doing discovered that Mark was once a Borderer fae Galashiels. Always a Borderer it was great to meet them all and I very much hope that they find me once home and join me on the journey. Their positive energy and happy disposition brought some sunshine in to my morning and as they did so the rain stopped and the sun came out and stayed out for the remainder of the walk! Down in to Cambuskenneth I went, through Riverside and in to Stirling to catch the bus home. It was a gentle day that got me home in good order and in time to cook and eat tea before the parent’s meeting at McLaren High this evening. I made a really tasty Thai Basil Chicken Stir Fry last night which went down well with the children again but have opted for a repeat of the Salmon fillets with a Mango Salsa. Quick and easy in preparation for tonight.

Tomorrow is an admin day because day 5 of this, the 10th week, will take place on Saturday. It will be the challenge’s 50th birthday on Saturday. It is hard to believe but that will be 50 days successfully completed on the challenge so I, luckily for me, have a fun day lined up. I’ll tell you all about it then.

Have a lovely evening

Yours aye