Day 67 has seen 4 miles walked, a medical success story, a masters success story as well as generous donations.

An early start with a short 1 mile walk to let the dog relieve herself before packing the children off on the bus because I was jumping on the bus myself to get to Forth Valley Royal Hospital to see Mr Harar, my Ent consultant, for a check up and the results from previous tests. It was the quickest check up I have ever had. All the swabs and tests that he ran last time came back clear. He had a good look inside and was really pleased with what he saw. No polyps. No more cauterization required. This was great news and saw me reduce visit requirements to 6 monthly check ups. And then when I thought things couldn’t get any better Mr Harar asked if I had seen that he had sponsored me!! I thanked him very much for his generosity and apologised if I appeared rude not to acknowledge it and then explained how the account is run by the bank and the accountants. Not by me. As you will remember the account we are using for the challenge has no internet banking facility. The bank has offered to give me individual names of sponsors but I specifically requested that they don’t so that there is no pressure on people feeling that they had to sponsor me. I can find out by asking the bank directly if an individual wants to confirm that something is getting through, but otherwise have no idea who is giving what unless they tell me themselves. The accountants get the statements but I understand that that is a list of reference serial numbers to which I have no wish to view. So if you wish me to know that you have sponsored me please tell me so that I can give you a hug and a kiss in person!!

Clearly I had to celebrate such good news with a Mocha and then the day continued to improve. As I jumped off the bus in Doune one of the ladies from Doune whom I see regularly on the bus called after me and then thrust in to my hand a very generous donation from her and her sister for the challenge. I was hugely touched by their gesture and thank them both very much.

Once home I had a zillion emails and facebook messages to get through as well as activities to plan for the challenge. It is never a chore going through the facebook messages because they have always, without fail, been so positive and encouraging for which I thank you all.

Two hours later and the children were back from school and time for a quick 3 mile walk with Georgie before the light failed completely then in to the kitchen to cook a new recipe, Beer braised sausages with chilli potatoes and a tomato, onion, mixed herb, turmeric and beer sauce served with a spinach, rocket and watercress salad. It was fantastic and was a huge hit with the children with James of course playing on the beer bit!!

So tonight more admin and planning to be done but before I do I would like to send a huge message of congratulations to Allie Schwaar for her graduation today as a Master of Theology from the University of Edinburgh. I was so thrilled for her after all her hard work and wanted to send her a message that I thought might inspire her further as she has been so brilliant at supporting me in this challenge. So after some searching around for some inspiration I found an old prayer written by James Martineau a philosopher from the period 1805 – 1900 and used it as a source of inspiration and even loose framework on which to hang a prayer for her. Allie loved it and on re-reading it when she replied to my message I suddenly realised that this prayer was so relevant to me and so many others with just a change of name or emphasis so with Allie’s permission I close with her prayer. Dear Allie, all the very best for a wonderful day as you so deservedly graduate with distinction.

O God give Allie grace to employ all her talents and faculties in the service you appoint for her, that, whatsoever her hand findeth to do, she may do it full of the confidence of her brilliance of heart and mind, Amen.

Perhaps if this was said for me we might need to drop the brilliance of mind bit!!

Have a lovely evening.