This weekend was great seeing 10 miles walked, 2.2 miles run, an upper body weights training session, some dancing fish, a good church service, and an evening of candlelight and music.

Saturday was a 2 mile morning walk. Heather was preparing for her show with a lie in then catching up with school work. It was another lovely wet and muddy lunchtime so James and I went for a good muddy 2.2 mile run. Heather was then off to get ready to become a dancing fish and James shot off to have a party with the Stirling young carers before meeting at MacRobert Theatre to watch a show. So for me. Now time for a shower. Then walk the dog. Another 3 miles before cooking Leek, Courgette, Tomato and Basil Cream with wholemeal pasta and then off to see some fish dancing!!

Heather was performing in the Stirling City Pantomime: The Little Mermaid. It is her first ever professionally produced show and despite the fact that she has at times come home from rehearsals mentally and physically exhausted, McLaren High School has supported Heather doing it and Heather has loved it. And as for me? I didn’t like it. I LOVED IT !!!!!!! It is very rare indeed to have me laughing out load at such events but this one had me laughing so hard that my very body was laughing too with the shoulders rocking up and down so hard that it felt almost as if the whole row of seats was rocking with me. If it was I apologise for any other members of the audience upset by my vibrating row of seats. The casting, choreography, music, acting, singing and even the jokes were first class and Heather made a most excellent dancing, singing and even talking fish called Nemoah. Very proud I was.

Sunday saw me walk 3 miles with Georgie before Church. Then a great service introducing advent. When I got back James had surfaced but wasn’t feeling brilliant so wanted to chill in front of the telly. I tucked him up then decided to get creative and work some Daddy magic. I went in to the kitchen and mixed 2 x heaped teaspoons of Horlicks Light with 1 x heaped teaspoon of Cadbury’s drinking chocolate. I then made it in to a paste with some cold water before adding the hot water freshly boiled. Mixed it all up and the result? It was delicious. James loved it and I loved the fact that it was full of vitamins. No need for Mochas any more. From now on when at home I’m going to be having Hochas!! Back to McLaren Leisure Centre for an Upper Body Weights Training Session to beat the Chemo induced Osteoporosis while Heather recovered from her late night and James convalesced with his Hocha and the telly. On the way back on the bus I met Mandy and her Mum Betty and told them all about the challenge. It was fun meeting them and I very much hope that they come to join me on the journey. A final 2 mile walk for Georgie then out in to the snow for a Candlelight Advent Service in St Modoc’s church in the village. The church was packed and looking beautiful by candlelight. Both Heather and James were full of beans as we waited for the service to start clutching our candles. The organ burst in to life and the most wonderful harmony of voices started to process down the aisle. Dunblane Cathedral had sent us a small choir for the evening. The Choir was superb throughout the service and Heather was even complimentary about my singing!! Once the children had blown out the candles round the church it was time for home. I had some planning to do but as we headed home giggling as we dodged slushy spray coming from the cars down Main and Balkerach Street it was clear that the beauty and excitement of Christmas had started.