This is a very quick post just to confirm that I am still alive and kicking. I have just had a remarkably productive 3 days that has seen 9 Miles walked, an Aunt entertained, a christening present bought, a short biography written, a Hepatitis A injection received, travel insurance arranged, an end of life financial plan started work on, some excellent support from Stirling Council towards that plan, electricity meters swapped for access to cheaper electricity in the flat and work on the flat about to start. While cooking a Paella, Pasta Marinara and Sardine Soldiers before then receiving £172.00 in individual donations and the amazing donation of funds raised in imaginative ways by Sharon and the team in Willow’s Dell Café in Doune. A great 3 days. I have another meeting tomorrow so the next post will be on Saturday and most importantly I have felt really good for about 10 days on the rot now. No seizure activity nothing. Just feeling good!

Yours aye