Charlie and James were back in this morning to get cracking on skimming and plastering the ceilings of the long corridor, kitchen and James’ bedroom. So I had spent all yesterday evening moving my life from one room to another and clearing all the surfaces of the kitchen. As soon as the team were in and working I was down to church for morning prayer and organ practice. Then back to the flat pick up my computer and onto the \no.59 for Computer Division in Stirling to get my computer and a wireless mouse and keyboard repaired and linked up. They repaired or replaced everything without a quibble and we had a long chat about the various ways we could go after the shock referendum result but then I was off and back on the bus. Back to the flat, dropped off the computer and keyboard and made a cup of tea for Charlie and James before then running back to the bus stop for the No.59 to Callander for an upper body session.

1.28 miles up hill on the bike to start the warm up then 968 metres rowed into the wind before setting up a little situp mat, weights bench, and 5kg dumbbells. Then I was straight into the circuit. 4 overarm pull ups first before 20 good quality press ups and 20 sit ups with the arms locked across the chest to force the stomach muscles to do the work and so the circuit continued with 20 repetitions of each exercise with the 5kg dumbbells:

Pull :: Pull-Ups
Push :: Press-Ups
Abs :: Cross arm Sit-Ups
Pull :: Bent Over Row
Push :: Dips
Abs :: Half-Sits
Pull :: Dumbbell Pullover
Push :: Reverse Dips
Abs :: Leg Raises
Pull :: Reverse Fly
Push :: Bench Press
Abs :: Back Raises
Pull :: Bicep Curls
Push :: Shoulder Press
Abs :: Crunches
Pull :: Lateral Raise
Push :: Standing Row
Abs :: Bicycle Abs
Pull :: Front Raises
Push :: Chest Flies
Abs :: Long Arm Crunch
Pull :: Hammer Curls
Push :: Tricep Kick Backs
Abs :: PFT St-Ups

As I completed the final 3 exercises my gentle grunts and exhalation to try and force the last bit of energy into the arms became more and more pronounced. I was tired but as I exercised I tried to do some Maths again. To force the brain to function when it was tired. I started, as usual, with the problem of how I expressed the amount of effort expended today in numbers for the challenge in numbers.

So if I did 12 exercises with 2 x 5 kg dumbbells with each exercise being sustained for 20 repetitions on each arm and with each exercise involving the moving of the said weight .5 metre surely therefore I can express my achievement in the gym as follows:

12 (exercises) x 20 (repetitions) = 240 movements of 0.5 metre therefore 240 movements divided by 0.5 metre = 120 metres. With 2 x 5kg dumbbells therefore 10kgs in weight shifted for each repetition. Therefore today I have lifted and pushed 10kgs over 120 metres


If I have moved 10 kgs a distance of 0.5 metres 240 times I will have moved:

10kgs x 240 (repetitions) = 2,400kgs moved over 0.5 metre.

While doing 3 x 20 = 60 press ups and equivalents

And 8 x 20 = 160 abdominal exercises.

I was happy with my effort in the gym today and couldn’t use the kitchen in the flat so there was nothing for it but to call the Deli Ecosse, order an egg mayonnaise sandwich with salad and a lactose free, decaf mocha. I hadn’t seen the team in there for ages and here was the perfect excuse. The Leisure Centre found the number on the internet while I showered so | grabbed the number, made the call and walked down to the town. By the time I got there I had 20 minutes before the bus arrived so was very pleased to have had the foresight to ask for the number and then make the call before getting down there. That meant that I had more than enough time to eat lunch , catch up and have a hug with Julie first and then Lin, Julie’s Mum who even gave me a smile and called me a smooth operator with a twinkle in her eye. I wanted to stay but couldn’t afford to miss the bus. I had to get back for Charlie and James.

Caught Charlie and James, and before I could speak to them the buzzer in the flat went. It was my 80 something year old and wonderful neighbour downstairs Bob Peden, ‘Hi Archie, I’m worried about you, come down for a second. I popped down the stairs and the delightful Bob asked me how was I going to cook this evening with the kitchen being done. We can cook something for you. I was touched by Bob and Margaret’s kindness. They genuinely wanted to help but I was lucky, the team were giving me the kitchen back on time and my food was going to arrive from Sainsburys on time so I was sorted. I thanked them and went upstairs, slightly sad that I hadn’t taken them up on their offer of some food with them but resolved to ensure that they are amongst the first to join me for tea in the flat once the work is complete. I caught back up with Charlie and James and gave them a flyer each with my usual patter to pour a glass of wine to watch a video and look over the challenge and to receive my instructions for Monday. They had cleaned up through the flat and down the stairs beautifully which was wonderful and gave me lots of time to cook a tuna, salad nicoise for tea after the food shop arrived and to move the rooms around again so the sitting room ceiling can be done on Monday. That means that I have to finish stripping the wallpaper this weekend. Another session on the organ and in prayer this evening and now I have some furniture to move.

Have a great weekend

Yours aye