Tuesday saw me become a pin cushion. I have come to Edinburgh for the week in order to attend the ordinations into ministry of two friends of Allie and I while also receiving my MRI scan to track my tumour and then the results at my clinic.

So Tuesday saw the scan. I have been feeling stronger over the last couple of months and my epilepsy seems to have calmed considerably over the same time scale so I went to the scan confident that I was healing. That the tumour was, at the very least stable, or at the very best dead as a doornail. The nurses were all in happy and chirpy form so with smiles all around I lay back on the MRI machine and started to pray for healing as I do on every scan, and did on every Radiotherapy treatment. I would pray hard and work hard to focus the brain and visualise the tumour being vapourised and drifting out of my head. But before I could finish praying I drifted off to sleep as if the rhythmic whirring and banging of the machine, as it scanned me, had lured me into a sort of mindfulness trance in which all my fears for the future were washed away and hopes for the future materialised.

I was woken abruptly as the scans came to an end in order to be injected with a dye to contrast the tumour. In my sleepy state I got my arms mixed up and offered my right arm for the injection. But each time she tried, the vein collapsed and the blood stopped flowing. I realised that the arm I had offered her, was the one in which the vein was burned on Day 25 by the anti-seizure drug they had to inject me with to quickly bring me off the seizure as I fought for breath and was rapidly choking. The vein had long since healed but wasn’t quite perfect so after a couple more attempts we switched to the hand and the dye successfully injected. I left looking like Mr Bump with clotting plasters taped up my arm and hand but no harm done. None in the slightest. Next time I will remember to offer the left arm.

So now I wait a week for the clinic in which I will receive the results. If you feel that you would like to, please pray with me for my healing.

Thank you

Yours aye