Day 177 has seen an improving golf swing with still a lot of work required but has also seen 2.6 miles run.

I was back at Dalmahoy today to try and find out what was going so horribly wrong with my golf swing. The eternally patient Gregor at the Brucefields Family Golf Centre in Bannockburn had managed to get me to at least hit the ball in roughly a straight line rather than perform an air shot, but here in Edinburgh, after having been away from the game for a few weeks, my entire golf swing seems to have disintegrated. The good news is that Malcolm, a friend made through Allie, has lent me a most excellent pocket guide to golf practice drills which I will be studying hard over the next month.

I am away in London for a week supporting Allie as she works hard with final preparations for, then the conduct, and consolidation of the notes for some interviews she is needing to do to gather evidence towards her PhD. But I am also seizing the opportunity to catch up with family and friends in London while introducing Allie to them too while Allie introduces me to her friends in London as well. Then I get back, unpack, repack and fly to South Africa to go and see aunts, uncles and cousins for a couple of weeks. There are plans to take me up Table Mountain and all sorts of exciting visits. I have never been before and couldn’t afford to go when asked, but my family have been amazing and so very kindly pooled resources to buy me a ticket. I couldn’t possibly refuse, am eternally grateful and so very much looking forward to this next adventure. It does mean of course that there will be little or no golf played, and far fewer posts written but I will continue to walk, eat, and cognitively challenge myself to keep the beast at bay. I intend to make the most of this time with family and friends but will of course keep you posted where appropriate.

Yours aye


Beat the Beast!