With 8.07 miles walked climbing 406.48 feet, 4.89 miles run climbing 302.5 feet, 78 press-ups, 304 sit-ups, 9 pull ups, 5kgs moved over 456 metres or 2,280kgs moved over a metre over the last 3 days, I am feeling physically well prepared for the clinic tomorrow. With no seizures since October, and only the occasional cognitive and motor coordination blip, I am feeling mentally well prepared for the clinic tomorrow. With copious amounts of tenderstem broccoli, tomatoes, red grapes, carrots, brazil nuts, blueberries, bananas, apples, tangerines, eggs, seeded wholemeal bread, spinach rocket and watercress salad, and 3 port glasses of red wine consumed, along with some wonderful home-cooked meals, I am feeling internally well prepared for tomorrow. With 3 sessions of morning prayer and organ practice and two sessions of evening prayer and organ practice done in the last three days, I am feeling spiritually well prepared for tomorrow, and with all your continuing and wonderful messages of support, good wishes, advice and prayers, I am feeling emotionally well prepared for tomorrow. In fact I am really looking forward to the clinic as I am quite certain that it is going to bring good news. I need this clinic to bring good news because with good news I can start to justify my crazy strategy, started in August 2015 to help the brilliant oncology team to beat the beast. If I can justify my crazy strategy as one that could quite possibly have helped make the impossible possible, then I can start to help others struck with disease such as brain tumours and other cancers to explore methods that they can use to help themselves and their oncology team to beat the beast. Just today, I learned of a man who helped me considerably when I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a result of my tumour and lost my driving licence, and who has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour. If I can start to demonstrate that my strategy is working then perhaps I can offer far more than a hand of support and understanding. But if not I will of course reach out a hand of support and offer my prayers for his healing. Please pray for my healing too if you would like to. Tomorrow morning I go to the gym for a quick strength training and meditation session prior to the clinic.

I will of course keep you posted

Yours aye