With 4 miles walked climbing 267.39 feet and 2.29 miles run climbing 146 feet completed along with loads and loads of admin done it has been a really, really good day. Morning prayer and organ practice went really well with no miscommunication between brain and hand. I had a great run at lunchtime around the Stanley Road Loop. I had four tasks to do in the centre of Edinburgh so after a verbal description of the route from one in the Waverley Mall to the next in Multrees avenue, to the next on Elm Row and to the next at York Place I did a quick map recce and tried to memorise it. I set off on the No.10 bus not at all confident that I would not only remember what the four tasks actually were, nor in what order they were to be done in for maximum walking efficiency, but also what route I was to take. I had the tasks written down in a note in my back pocket and I had the maps on my phone just in case. I got off the bus at the Scott monument, turned left and was off to the Waverley Mall. I didn’t need to refer to the paper in my back pocket or the map on my mobile phone once. Even when there was a pedestrian diversion due to the demolishing works on the St James’ centre I managed to stay orientated to the ground and my intended destination. I was firing on all cylinders. It felt great. I felt great so I celebrated with a Mocha. An awesome day.

Yours aye

Deo Juvante

Thank you for joining me on my own personal journey and encouraging me to walk, cycle, climb, paddle, sport and do good deeds each day to ‘Beat the Beast’ while helping to improve the lives and life chances of so many more people through sponsorship. The Five Charities that I have selected to support are:

  1. Cancer Research UK – My Father Succumbed to Lung Cancer; a couple of friends are currently fighting cancer and I am fighting a brain tumour. Let’s Help to Beat Cancer Sooner.
  2. The Prince’s Trust – Inspiring and preparing disadvantaged Young Lives for success.
  3. British Red Cross – helping those in need around the UK and the world whoever and wherever they are.
  4. World Wide Fund for Nature – For a Living Planet and a Future Where People and Nature Thrive.
  5. Help for Heroes – Support for our Wounded and their Families. To learn more about my story that brought me to this point, how I plan to ‘Beat the Beast’, what activities I plan to do within the challenge and why, please see my welcome video on this page.

How to Sponsor Me

The Beat the Beast Challenge is self funding through my own contribution while keeping costs to a minimum with voluntary support and corporate sponsorship in kind. Therefore the entirety of every penny donated will go directly to the 5 charities listed above.

Please sponsor me by completing a standing order form either through your own personal internet banking or by completing a hard copy standing order form in your branch of your bank and then handing it in to the teller.

It is entirely up to you how much you would like to and are able to sponsor me for so do please give as much or as little as you can. Every penny will be very gratefully received.

While I hope you will encourage me to keep going by sponsoring me for every day I survive and am able to find the cognitive and physical capability to complete a day’s task designed to improve my chances of ‘Beating the Beast’ or improving the lives of others, 5 days a week, four weeks a month, for as long as ever I can. Any One off Cash contributions will be most gratefully received and distributed in exactly the same manner to the five charities as the sponsorship. Any one off donations can be made by BACS or cheque.

Thank you for having enough faith in me to sponsor me.

Yours aye