Today was the quarterly meeting for the Challenge during which I brought the board of the Challenge up to date on the progress with my work with Huw, the brilliant Scotland representative for the Disasters Emergency Committee, and how he and his team bring all the skills that I so badly lacked in making my story more appealing to potential sponsors. On the continuing battle that I have with my efforts to retrain and strengthen my brain through the mediums of Golf, Acting, Music and Writing, but also on my successes, which though small are successes none the less, like securing a bursary and a place on a year long acting course with the Royal Conservatoire Scotland in Glasgow that starts so terribly soon; like learning to play a grade 4 piano piece at 120 beats per minute, yes it took me well over 3 months to learn it but I eventually managed. Like being able to write an entire paragraph that I could actually read without triggering a Twobble; like every day with which I am blessed being 1 day closer to being able to declare officially that I have actually beaten the brain tumour; like being half way through my drawdown of my anti-seizure medication and remaining seizure free. And like being told off by my daughter for not understanding her as I tried to advise her to keep her options and her mind open as we travelled home after the second long, and this time uninspiring, University Open Day, yet somehow managing to sit at a table with two elderly ladies who, mid conversation with Heather, said very clearly, ‘Ooooh, you must listen to your Father, dear. He is clearly a man of much wisdom. You would be wise to listen to him.’, while watching Heather grinning as broadly as I have ever seen her grin while nodding and reassuring them both that yes, she will indeed listen to her father!

My wonderful accountants for the challenge, Webb and Wallace accountants of Doune, who provide their services entirely for free then gave me the good news that we had raised a further £821 which brought my total raised so far to a round figure of £18,000 exactly. Clearly this is wonderful news but news that brings with it a tinge of sadness, because if I knew what I was doing and had worked out how to attract potential sponsors properly over the last 3 years since starting the Challenge, this figure could and should have been a lot more. Clearly I am eternally grateful to those that sponsor me, thank you so very much indeed. But, if all 847 who like my Facebook page were to give me 10 minutes of their time and just £1.00 a month, over this last quarter, I could have raised £2,541. So if you do not yet sponsor me please do so, even if it is for just £1.00 per month. If you have an active current account surely you can afford just £1.00 a month. I even sponsor myself £1.00 a month from my limited War Disablement Pension. Every penny goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee. Not a single penny is lost to costs.

Thank you
Yours aye
Deo Juvante
I will beat this beast

Keep Eating the Tenderstem!