This post is an appeal to all my current sponsors to stop their standing order to the old Kingdom Bank Account and instead set up a new standing order to a new and much much easier Royal Bank of Scotland Account for the challenge.

I apologise for the inconvenience such a request makes on you but I have learned over time of an increasing number of attempted standing orders and direct donations that failed because of the need to include the cumbersome number prior to the payee name of Beat the Beast Challenge. Not only that I could not see the account so had no idea who was or was not sponsoring me so could not say thank you.

Therefore, I have decided to make this change in order to make sponsorship far more accessible for all. I have given thought to including just giving pages and many other sponsorship avenues et al but have decided, as I struggle with my neurological dysfunction, SMART syndrome and my fight to prevent my tumour from ever returning, to keep my fundraising as simple for me to track and manage as possible.

I remind you that the Beat the Beast Challenge is self-funding through my own contribution while keeping costs to a minimum with voluntary support and corporate sponsorship in kind. Therefore, the entirety of every penny donated goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Please sponsor me for just £1 per month by completing a new standing order form either through your own personal internet banking or at a local branch of your bank with the following details:

Payee Name: Beat the Beast Challenge

Account Number: 15978839

Sort Code: 83-24-18

Payee Reference: While money begats more money, sponsors also begat more sponsors so if you are willing to let me list your name as a sponsor on my website, please annotate as such with your name followed by the word ‘Yes’. If you do not wish me to list your name as a sponsor then please annotate with the word ‘No’ after your name.

e.g Archie Douglas Yes


Archie Douglas No

I will never reveal the amount you sponsor me. We will all just presume that it is £1 per month, but I would just like to encourage sponsorship from other sponsors by letting them see that people are sponsoring me in increasing numbers, and if it is somebody that they know, then hopefully they will want to sponsor me too.

All I ask you to sponsor me for is just £1 per month but if you would like to sponsor me for more then do please do so. I would of course be delighted to receive more, but all I ask is just £1 per month, so please do not feel under any pressure to sponsor me for any more.

I guarantee you that every single penny raised goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

I guarantee you that I will NEVER email, call, or contact you in any way asking you to increase your sponsorship.

I guarantee you that I will never pass your details on to anyone else because I do not hold your details. The standing order is a private and confidential contract between your bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland who provide an account for the challenge.

While I hope you will encourage me to keep going by sponsoring me for every day I survive and am able to find the neurological and cognitive and physical capability to get that mattress off my back and take the fight to the beast of Neurological Dysfunction while trying to prevent the tumour from ever returning. Any one-off donations will of course be most gratefully received.

Thank you for having enough faith in me to sponsor me and for your understanding in the need for the move of account. I pray that this will be the last amendment.
Exciting news is that, earlier this week, I attended the Forth Valley Schools Dance Competition in my daughter Heather’s final year of High School. A competition that I was never supposed to have survived to see. This year Heather danced to ‘Dance with my Father’ by Luthor Vandross as a nod to my continuing survival. It was an emotional dance to say the least and after the dance I was allowed 10 minutes to introduce my story to try to encourage generous donations for the Disasters Emergency Committee. The net result of such a generous allocation of time for my speech was extremely generous donating for the DEC. We were selling raffle tickets but many were buying a £1 strip for a fiver or a tenner and by the end of the evening we had raised £871.95 which I took great delight to paying in to the brand new challenge account the morning after. This takes the total raised on the challenge so far to £21,260.95. Thank you all so very much. I very much hope that you can find a way to continue to sponsor me for as long as I can keep going.

Thank you
Yours aye
Deo Juvante
I will beat the beast