Great news and Thank You. I have, today, been able to send £1083 to the Disasters Emergency Committee bringing the total raised for the DEC alone in this new challenge to £4596. Thank you very much to all who have challenged me through your sponsorship because you encourage me to keep going on those all too frequent dark moments. As promised to you every single penny raised goes to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) so helps to save millions of lives at times of disaster and improve life chances post disaster by staying to help rebuild the community that had been so ravaged by disaster. Thank you for being an encourager and a life saver. If you have not yet managed to sponsor me on this my new challenge on the new account do please do so. All I ask is just £1 per month and if I can convince just 1% of the 65 million active current account holders in the UK to challenge me to beat my beast of neurological dysfunction and to try to prevent my brain tumour from ever returning as predicted, and if it does to beat it back again with their sponsorship of just £1 per month, I can raise £650,000 per month for the DEC so really help to make a difference. With just 20 sponsors so far on this new challenge account I have an awfully long way to go to secure 650,000 sponsors so do please sponsor me if you can. All the details on how to sponsor me can be found on my website at this link, thank you, keep smiling:

Sponsor Archie

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I will Beat the Beast!