Smile No. 211 - Jackie from Inverleith, Edinburgh
Smile No. 211 – Jackie from Inverleith, Edinburgh

Gosh, it is hard to believe that it is 10 days since my last post. But while it has been 10 days I have been far from idle. I have walked 32.58 miles ascending 1,918.16 feet. I have cycled 18.68 miles ascending 1.259.4 feet. I have run 5.77 miles ascending 287.51 feet and done 10 pull ups, press ups and situps and collected 10kgs of rubbish, 3 smiles and my 65th sponsor on the way. I have also shopped for and then cooked another 3 delicious and terribly good for one evening meals and prepared and eaten 10 of my balanced daily lifestyle breakfasts and lunches. In other words I kept fighting.

On top of all that I have attended a pre-operative assessment which I passed with flying colours. The pre-op was for the operation to remove the granuloma that is currently threatening to corrode the bone plate that is separating the brain from my right inner ear. Should this be allowed to happen it would allow a portion of the brain to subside into my inner ear causing further neurological damage. I have a date for the operation on the 04th March this year and am looking forward to it.

Because of the granuloma’s location there is a risk of an accidental draining of some of the brain fluid that protects the brain, as well as possible damage to a nerve that might cause a contortion of the face. However, I know that I would be in good hands and the risk of doing nothing is far greater, so I look forward to the operation.

The American Reporter and World Peace Advocate decorated by The President of the USA, the Societ Union, the Pope, and the UN for his work towards unilateral disarmament, once said:

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Baked Trout
Baked Trout

One thing is for certain, that much like the previous operation on the Cholesteatoma and my Craniotomy in which there was much uncertainty about the success of the operation, and much certainty about the likelihood of further damage. I was determined to come out the other side fighting for life, full of hope with a determination to use the life that I have been blessed with for the betterment of others.

Please help me to spread a little light into the lives of those that struggle by sending me a photo of your smile that I can publish, with the other 213 smiles so far collected, on the smileometer on my website, and via the Challenge social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Emailing it to me would be best on or message it to me on Messenger or Instagram.

Smile No. 212 - Peter From Newhaven, Edinburgh
Smile No. 212 – Peter From Newhaven, Edinburgh

Furthermore I continue to look for sponsorship. There are 64 million active current accounts in the UK. If I can convince just 1% of these account holders to sponsor me with just £1 per month I can raise £640,000 per month to help save and rebuild the lives of the world’s poorest through the Disasters Emergency Committee. At the moment, with just 65 sponsors, I have only managed to reach 0.01% of my target. So if you do not yet sponsor me, please give me 10 minutes of your time to fill out a standing order to challenge me to keep fighting.

Every penny raised goes to save and rebuild lives through the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) bringing light to those whose entire lives have been destroyed by the triple whammy of COVID-19, warfare and climate change related natural disaster. Every penny raised encourages me to keep fighting to prevent my brain tumour from returning as predicted, and to retrain and strengthen my brain, using the mediums of Golf, Music, Navigating over the Hills, Drama, Dance, Juggling, Litter Picking and Writing, with becoming neurologically and cognitively strong enough to one day be able to sustain myself in some form of future employment being my goal.

Thank you, Keep safe, keep being brilliant.

Keep smiling
Yours aye with love and gratitude,

Archie xx

Smile No. 213 - Lena, Originally From Poland Now Happy And Working In Edinburgh
Smile No. 213 – Lena, Originally From Poland Now Happy And Working In Edinburgh