‘I have no idea how long I have before the brain tumour returns. The UK/the world needs some good news right now, Golf could do with some good news right now. There are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people needlessly dying right now who could be saved through actions by the DEC so the need for money is right now. I am still just learning to play golf and working towards a nine-hole handicap right now. So for all these reasons now is the time to get this moving. Donating just £1 per month is affordable for all those with an active current account. I will never ask for more and in so doing across the UK, the UK is saving millions of lives through the DEC. With the golfing community providing the platform from which I seek to achieve all this, assisted by the musical industry, financial industry, businesses, Rotarians, Ramblers and people of faith, all these organisations could surely benefit greatly from being part of the story.

My integrity is beyond question as can be proven through my performance reports over twenty years military service. I have no skeletons in the closet. I do not have a political or radical point that I am trying to get across. I just want to become useful again by saving lives through golf and music and have my wonderful wife’s blessing so to do.

I am committed to the Challenge and turn all my energies and every minute of every day towards it. But I need your help to make this work and wish to get going as quickly as possible.

Please help me, Major Archie, to make the impossible possible once again. Please help me to become useful again. Please sponsor me,

Thank you

Keep safe,

Keep being brilliant

And Keeeeeeeeeep smiling

Yours aye with love and gratitude

Major Archie

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