The American minister, theologian and author, James Freeman Clarke, once wrote, “Seek to do good, and you will find that happiness will run after you.” The Acting Out Drama School in Edinburgh did just that by becoming my first life-saving group and are over the moon to have raised £160 thus donating enough to the challenge to potentially save two lives through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

So perhaps one should re-word James Clarke’s famous quote to: “Seek to save lives and you will find that happiness will run after you”. Certainly, as you will see from the pictures, taken by Jon Davey of Jon Davey Photography, from the performances of ‘The Tempest’ by the Advanced Acting Course and ‘Modern Classics’ by the Intermediate Acting Course, the students had a whale of a time. The founder and director of the Acting Out Drama School, Clare Cairns was cock-a-hoop when she wrote to inform me of the success of her productions raising £160. Enough to provide all the emergency shelter, emergency clothing and bedding, clean water, rations, hygiene packs and medical packs needed to give two people the chance of life.

Already Clare has committed to keep saving lives though future productions at the Acing Out Drama School and is offering this wonderful life-saving opportunity to those who also want to learn to act through the Acting Out Drama School. The next intermediate and Advanced courses start shortly on the 14th of September, and both are to be led by no less than the writer, performer and director from Hollywood, Paul Bianchi.

I will certainly be there to support the performances of both courses in December and very much look forward to it. Further details on the acting out drama school and their courses can be found on their website at this link

or their Facebook page at this link 

In the meantime I very much hope that the Acting Out Drama School’s example will inspire you to take that first tentative step towards forming a life-saving group, whether through your school, your shop, your place of worship, your business, your youth group, your social group, your sports club, your rotary group or any form of group or organisation that you belong to. Holding life-saving events every month to raise £80 a month to save a life a month is a wonderfully rewarding experience for both the organiser and the attendees, while actually providing the means to save the life of somebody, who you have never met, and will likely never meet, but may well shower many blessings upon you for rescuing them from life-threatening circumstances in which they find themselves through no fault of their own. Left brain damaged by my brain tumour and written off as permanently unemployable, by saving a life through my Challenge you will also help me to become useful once more.

With 35 lives potentially saved since launching this life-saving challenge on the 05th July this year I am a long way away from reaching my target. There are millions who need our life-saving help each and ever day. Please help me to become useful again by forming a life-saving group and month by month help me to reach my target of raising £9,000,000 per month to potentially save 112,500 lives a month through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

All further details about me and how to set up a life-saving group can be found on my website at this link

Thank you so very much to the Director, staff and students of the Acting Out Drama School. Through your shows you have indeed raised enough to provide all the materials needed to give two people a chance to survive. I look forward to seeing what the new courses can achieve in their performances in December. I will most certainly be there with Cocoa.

In the meantime ……

Keep safe

Keep being brilliant


Keeeeeeeeeeep smiling 😊

Yous aye with love and tons of gratitude

Archie and Cocoa 🏌️‍♂️🎹🐶😊